Karnali Province Government

Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives

Directorate of Livestock Development

Veterinary hospital and livestock service office

Rukum West

  • शेर वहादुर खड्का
    Sher bahadur khadka

    Office head



  • भुवन चौधरी

    Information Officer


Legal documents
Title Published Date Download
State Public Procurement First Amendment Rules-2076 2076-10-15
State Government Division of Labor Rules-2074 2076-10-15
Animal Health and Animal Services Rules-2056 2076-10-15
Title Published Date Download
Ann no. 14 Are 17 Pradesh Milk Development Board An-2075 2078-01-16
State Cooperative Relations Management Act 2078-01-16
State Economic Procedure Ann 2074 2076-10-15
Title Published Date Download
karyabadi 2079 2080-02-24
Cooperative Model Village (Establishment, Operation and Management) Procedure, 2075 2078-01-16
Cattle Slaughter and Slaughter Site (Establishment and Operation) Procedure, 2075 2078-01-16
Notice and News
Title Published Date Download
product oriented mission program 2080-06-18
Milk promotion and breed improvement program 2080-06-18
special programmes for the poor and disadvantaged target groups 2080-06-18
Title Published Date Download
Title Published Date Download
Title Published Date Download
पशु चिकित्सा औषधिको आपूर्ति र वितरण 2078-01-16