Karnali Province Government

Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives

Directorate of Livestock Development

Veterinary hospital and livestock service office

Rukum West

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  • ज्ञानु कुमार शर्मा
    Gyanu Kumar Sharma

    Office head



  • यम बहादुर पुन
    Yam Bahadur Pun

    Information Officer

Legal documents
Title Published Date Download
Animal Health and Animal Services Rules-2056 2076-10-15
State Government Division of Labor Rules-2074 2076-10-15
State Public Procurement First Amendment Rules-2076 2076-10-15
Title Published Date Download
Ann no. 14 Are 17 Pradesh Milk Development Board An-2075 2078-01-16
State Cooperative Relations Management Act 2078-01-16
Animal husbandry in partnership 2076-10-15
Title Published Date Download
Guide to programs sent through conditional past transfers at the local level 2078-01-16
Integrated Milk Producing Management Program Operational Procedure, 2073 Targeted Market of Middle Hill Public Road and Hulaki Marg 2078-01-16
Socially Backward Marginalized Women's Community, Procedure, 2073 2078-01-16
Notice and News
Title Published Date Download
Notice of invitation for construction of fish pond 2078-05-13
For promotion of agricultural mechanization and operation of organic manure and organic pesticide programs 2078-05-13
Notice of Call for Proposal of Production Oriented Mission Program 2078-05-13
Title Published Date Download
Title Published Date Download
Title Published Date Download
पशु चिकित्सा औषधिको आपूर्ति र वितरण 2078-01-16